Captivating Mascot Inflatables and Player Tunnels

Your Mascot, Magnified: Grab attention with a custom inflatable

100% Custom Made

Premium Quality – Free Quote & Concept Artwork – 5-Year Warranty

Captivating Mascot Inflatables and Player Tunnels

Your Mascot, Magnified: Grab attention with a custom inflatable

Premium Quality – Free Quote & Concept Artwork – 5-Year Warranty

How we create custom mascot inflatables

Our Promise
Transforming your mascot into a mesmerizing inflatable is our passion and expertise

  • High-quality inflatables based on your mascot
  • Collaborative design process with a team of mascot and inflatable experts and designers

  • Quick turnaround time and delivery within 4-5 weeks after artwork approval

  • Made from high-quality strong materials. Build to last.

Captivating Mascot Inflatables: Leave a Lasting Impression

Elevate your brand’s presence with a 10+ feet custom inflatable. A unique masterpiece designed around your mascot, commanding attention at trade shows, events, and promotions.

Customized Brilliance
Our inflatables capture your mascot’s essence, colors, and charm. Every detail, from blower to banners, is tailored for seamless setup and storage.

Inflatable Inspiration: The Arctic Seagulls’ Triumph
“Promo Bears brought our team’s logo to life. The Arctic Seagull Eating Penguin Tacos mascot they designed was a slam dunk! The inflatable quality is top-notch, and it’s a star at our basketball games.”

– Linda Bradford

Inflatable mascot tunnels: For a Fascinating entrance

Inflatable mascot tunnels are a unique and attention-grabbing asset for sports teams and brands alike.

Elevate Team Spirit: Energizing Sports Team Entrances

An inflatable player entry tunnel gets your team and fans in the right mood for the game.  Designed to make a grand statement, these tunnels electrify sports team entrances, sending waves of enthusiasm through players and fans alike. As your mascot head takes center stage, it sets the tone for victories and memorable game-day experiences.

Grab attention and spark curiosity at Events and Trade Shows

From corporate gatherings to exhibitions, a unique mascot tunnel acts as immersive brand gateways, sparking curiosity and captivating audiences. Your mascot becomes the star, drawing attendees into an unforgettable encounter with your brand.

Fully custom-made at the highest quality

Our inflatable mascot tunnels are precisely crafted with the highest quality standards. Every tunnel is designed and produced with detail, precision, and excellence in mind. Your unique mascot tunnel embodies the essence of your mascot while standing tall against the test of time. With every entrance, you showcase your commitment to impactful communication.

How it works

Process of ordering a mascot inflatable: Request, Quote and concept illustration, Feedback and improvment, delivery

Step 1: Share your inflatable idea

Please send us your mascot design or idea. If you have no design yet, our design team can help you create your own custom mascot.

Are you on a deadline? Let us know in advance so we can make sure your inflatable will be delivered right in time for the big day.

Step 2: Quote and Design

Your assigned project manager will reach out to you in case of questions and will assist you throughout the process.

We will provide you with a concept illustration and a non-obligatory quote for your inflatable. This way you can make an informed decision on your inflatable project.

Step 3: Together we thrive

We will finalize the mascot inflatable design based on your input, needs and ideas. We strive to create the perfect inflatable for you and do our best to meet and exceed your wishes and expectations.

Once you are 100% satisfied with your mascot concept, we start the production process.

Step 4: Sit back and relax

Your brand-new inflatable will be produced and shipped to your location within 3-4 weeks.

Your project manager will ensure that your inflatable is crafted exactly based on the approved concept and shipped to you with all necessary accessories and instructions.

Why work with Promo Bears?

Work together with a team of merchandising experts with over 16 years’ experience in unique product design & production.

Our services include:

  • FREE concept artwork. Showing you how your stress ball will look. Including unlimited revisions.
  • FREE quote with no obligation.
  • Eye-catching & professional merchandise and promotional products.

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