Custom School Mascot Costume

The new superstar mascot for your school, college or University

100% Custom Made

Custom School Mascot Costumes

The new superstar mascot for your school, college or University

How we bring School mascots to life

Work together with a team of mascot experts with over 16 years’ experience in mascot design & custom mascot costume production.
Affordable – Premium Quality – Free Quote & Concept Artwork

Our Promise
Affordable & professional Custom School mascot costumes

  • High-quality, comfortable mascot costumes for schools, colleges and universities.
  • Create your own mascot based on any animal or character. Includes professional design service from our experienced mascot designers.
  • Ready in 9-11 weeks and delivered to your doorstep with UPS.
    Need it quicker? Tell us your deadline and ask about our rush option.

  • Affordable and transparent pricing from the start:
    Please enquire for an exact quotation. Price indication: $3,400. – to $5,500. – USD. The price of your new school mascot costume depends on the complexity of the design, accessories, quantity, and delivery time. Please contact us for a free quote.
  • We accept purchase orders!

Trusted by 2000+ clients worldwide since 2006

We create custom mascot costumes for: schools, universities, corporate clients, agencies and sports teams.

How to choose the perfect mascot for your institution?

For many schools, a mascot is an important part of the school identity and has a big impact on the spirit of students and staff. But how do you find the perfect mascot for your school, college, or university?

If your institution already has a mascot costume or a mascot logo, the choice is usually very clear. In most instances it is recommended to base your new mascot costume on your existing mascot. Our designers will help you to either replicate your existing mascot or they can help to modify your character to match your school values.

However, if you are looking to start fresh with a new mascot, we have some ideas for you to create the prefect mascot:

  1. Is your school or university connected to a famous historic personality?
    Think about who founded your institution. Who is your namesake or an important alumnus of the school? Maybe this could be a great inspiration for a human mascot, but it could also serve as a starting point for a creative animal mascot costume.
  2. Is there an animal that is very present or meaningful in your region?
    Another great starting point for the perfect school mascot could be an animal that is very present in your region. This could be a local bird such as the bald eagle. Or maybe your region is very known for its bears or cougars?
  3. Do you want your mascot to represent your schools’ values?
    There are many creative ways to capture your school spirit or values in a mascot costume. Are traditions or religion important for your organization? Maybe a knight mascot would be a great fit for you. Or can your values be represented with a beautiful animal mascot costume?

If you need help to find the perfect mascot for your school or would like to get started with your custom school mascot costume, please reach out to us and our project management team will guide you through the process.

School Mascot Costumes – Reference Work

Take a look at our work. We created 4000+ eye-catching mascots. Is your mascot next?

What makes our custom mascot costumes special?

Premium Custom Mascot Costume by Promo Bears


Mascots are made with realistic 3D eyes that make it look lively and real


High quality fabrics, heat transfer printing and embroidery for accurate color representation


3D printed teeth and accessories make the mascots look much more realistic


Promo Bears Mascot costumes allow for comfortable movements and have a great field of vision


Promo Bears mascot costumes have a built-in ventilation system that helps to regulate heat


How it works

Your new school mascot costume is custom-made according to your wishes. Based on your requirements we will send you a personalized quote and design.

Step 1: Request a free quote for your School mascot costume

Start bringing your mascot to life with a simple request. Creating your perfect custom mascot costume is just a few steps away.

  • Tell us your idea:
    Share your vision for your new school mascot with us. If you already have a specific idea, mascot logo, existing mascot or even an illustration, please upload it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a design yet; our designers can also develop a unique mascot for you.
  • Inform us about your deadline (if you have one):
    If you need your new mascot costume for a specific event or on a specific date, let us know in advance. That way, we can ensure that your mascot costume arrives just in time. Our standard delivery time is usually within 9-11 weeks from your order, with rush options available.

  • Do you need a purchase order?
    We are aware that many schools or public institutions require an official purchase order. That is no problem! We have worked with many schools and universities in the past and are very used to working with purchase orders.
  • Make sure to have a look at our mascot merchandise and inflatables:
    Next to our custom mascot costumes we also offer a wide range of mascot merchandise and giveaways, as well as giant mascot inflatables and mascot tunnels for school sport teams. If you’re interested in these additional products, let us know in your request, and we’ll provide you with more information and a quote.

We aim to respond to all requests promptly, typically within 24 hours. Get started with a FREE quote and bring your unique mascot to life!

No mascot design? No worries!

If you don’t have a mascot for your school yet, our designers can develop the perfect mascot character from scratch for you.

Unique character development includes:

  • FREE black/white sketches, unlimited revisions, copyright transfer, final design in full color vector pdf (for highest quality in printing) and .png file (for website / social media).

  • Delivery time: approx 1-2 weeks. (depends on rounds of feedback)

For only $250 USD

Step 2: Visualize Your Mascot – FREE Concept Artwork

Our talented design team is eager to transform your ideas into reality. Here’s what to expect:

  • Concept artwork: We will create an illustration of what your new school mascot costume will look like. Our expert mascot designers not only focus on creating an amazing looking mascot costume but also take comfort and performers’ vision into account.
  • Confirm your order: Once you are happy with your mascot design, you simply confirm your order by deposit payment or official purchase order and we will start crafting your unique costume.

Step 3: Production & Delivery – Bringing your mascot to life

Sit back and relax while your dedicated project manager handles the production process.

  • Expert Craftmanship: Your custom mascot costume will be produced with high-quality materials, prints, clothing and accessories. Our production experts craft your mascots body and face with love and detail based on the approved design.
  • Mascot Ready: Before delivery, your mascot has to go through a thorough quality check to ensure the workmanship, comfort, and appearance meet our high standards. We will share pictures of your finished costume with you for your final approval.
  • Delivery: Once you approve, we’ll pack it securely for shipping and include a manual with tips for using and caring for your new superstar. Our mascots are delivered direct to your address with UPS tracked shipping within the agreed time period.

The Perfect Partner for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Mascot Design by Promo Bears

Free high-quality mascot design work

There is no cost upfront on your side. Until you are 100% happy with your design and approve it for production, we don’t charge you a penny. This way, you can make a decision based on the final design. Do you need to convince your colleagues or principal? A final design and exact pricing can help a lot.

We accept school purchase orders

For many schools it is very important to work with purchase orders. We have many years of experience working with schools and universities. In order to reduce the administrative work on your side, we offer many payment methods and also accept school purchase orders for your school mascot order.

School houses bundle-deals

Do you have many school houses? We offer bundle-deals for multiple mascots ordered together.

We created six unique mascots for the Mandurah Catholic College in Mandurah, WA. The goal was to give each house a unique character and color. At the same time, we wanted to make sure the mascot costumes are similar enough to be recognized as one unit. Therefore, we used the same design in the clothing of the college mascots. That allowed us to make every character unique and perfect in itself.

Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about working with Promo Bears. Or get inspired by our mascot gallery.

“We love him!”
Our school had a “Welcome Back” pep rally to introduce our new mascot and the kids loved him!

Megan Durst

Deer Park Elementary School 

“Promo Bears was great to work with.”
We came to them needing a very quick turnaround and they not only met the deadline; they got Sparky to us ahead of it. They kept me well-informed throughout the entire process and made sure every request was completed to my satisfaction. Sparky has been a huge hit with the team, the fans, and especially our Kid’s Club. We will definitely be using them when we introduce Lil’ Sparky.

Jamie Cotton

Tri Cities Fire

“Creating our mascot with the staff at Promo Bears was a blast!”
It was an easy process of bringing our imagination to life!

Roz Pugh

Jennerstown Speedway Complex

Why work with Promo Bears?

Work together with a team of mascot experts with over 16 years’ experience in mascot design & mascot production.

Our services include:

  • FREE mascot artwork. Showing you how your mascot will look as a mascot costume. Including unlimited revisions.
  • FREE quote with no obligation
  • Eye-catching & professional mascot costumes
Custom Mascot Costumes for Promo Bears are designed by professional mascot costume designers

Bundle deals – 10% discount on additional product with your mascot costume!

Get a free quote

Bring your School mascot to life

Our project managers and designers are awaiting your request. You tell us what you need, and we deliver it 100% custom made!
Affordable – Premium Quality – Free Quote & Concept Artwork

Request a Quote for your custom mascot costume

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are finally considering having your own custom mascot? That’s such great news!  A custom mascot can boost revenue, improve brand recognition, increase customer engagement, and many great benefits that weren’t accessible before having a custom mascot.

You are ready to bring your custom mascot to life. Yet, you must have a lot of unanswered questions about the process, the production timeline or more relevant information that you are looking for.

Your mascot costume final prices will depend on complexity of your design, volume, country of shipping and your desired delivery date.

Multiple mascot costumes: We can produce anywhere from 1 to 100 Mascots. We are able to decrease the price if you order more then one of the same Mascot Costume.

Yes and no. If you have a character please send us pictures and we will draw a complementary concept illustration of how we can produce your character as a mascot costume. If you don’t have a character we can help you as well. We can create your character from scratch.

We offer three delivery times. Standard 9-11 weeks, Rush <9 weeks with a fixed date (+20% rush fee) and Long 12-16 weeks (10% discount). Delivery time starts once the design is agreed and 50% deposit or official Purchase Order is received.

A mascot can be adapted to any body size. Generally we create them for people between 5’5 and 6”1 feet. That being said, if you have specific preferences please just let us know and we can create it according to the size you need. Mascot sizes are always stated in our agreement contract before we start production.
Preventative measures like mascot maintenance and proper use go a long way. That being said, depending on frequency of use a Mascot can last for up to 10 years. It is advisable to order an extra set of hands and feet, this is because they are likely the first thing to see the effects of wear and tear.
A mascot can be used in a wide variety of applications. We have highlighted some popular ones in the “Character Communication”. We go in detail for various applications including sports, schools, experiential marketing and events. However a Mascot can be used in a lot of places such as grocery stores, malls, restaurants, amusement parks or wherever you would like to interact with your audience.

Yes, every mascot costume comes with a 24 month warranty on manufacturing defects.

After use, it is recommended to hang the mascot for drying and airing. It is also advisable to brush the mascot regularly and to wash to remove any stains – for this, only use appropriate stain remover. We recommend hand washing and inform you that you cannot put them in the dryer. With every mascot we send a mascot maintenance manual. Also, a popular extra is the mascot maintenance kit – where we provide you with the essential tools and removers to maintain your mascot.
The evaluation of who to choose depends on your individual criteria. At Promo Bears we offer a smooth process from design to implementation, competitive pricing, experience, transparency every step of the way, high quality and a quick turnaround time.
At Promo Bears we are pleased to offer a production design for free and with no obligation. This way, we allow you to see exactly what your Mascot will look like and the price attached to it. In addition, we can offer a unique character design, send us a mail for a FREE Quote for character design.
The mobility of the costume will depend on the intended use. For an ordinary mascot, it is possible to jump, dance and shake hands. Sometimes mobility can alter, but we first to a comprehensive assessment of what the intended use it as it relates to the Character, thus ensuring we deliver something that can function as expected.
No problem. Although the majority of our clients order a complete costume we can also help in just making a mascot head. Contact us of more details and pricing.