Accessories for Mascot costumes

Get the most out of your mascot with extra hands & shoes, cooling vests, carrying bags & mascot stands

You can increase your mascot’s lifespan, comfort and value by choosing some of our accessories. These accessories are made to ensure the utmost comfort for your performer and to make your mascot experience hassle-free.

Extra hands & shoes for your mascot

A mascot’s hands & shoes are most vulnerable to wear and tear. After all, your performer will be using them most. By creating an extra set of hands and shoes, you ensure that your mascot is always clean and ready to go!

Ordering these accessories ensure safety and provides additional comfort for the performer. Furthermore, it prolongs the mascot’s overall lifespan.

If you order extra hands & shoes when placing your mascot order, we guarantee to use identical fabric and colors. We can also create shoes in a different style or equip your mascot with a set of special ice/roller skate shoes.

Cooling vest

The most important thing when it comes to mascot costumes is the performer’s safety and comfort. A cooling vest can provide just that!

Mascot costumes can get really hot, especially during the warm seasons. To ensure that your mascot performance will go smoothly, it is important to keep the mascot performer comfortable. Therefore, our cooling vest is the best out of the accessories for mascot costumes!

The cooling vest comes equipped with reusable cooling pads that last up to four hours and can be recharged in any freezer.

Mascot carrying bag

We designed a mascot carry bag that can help you transport your mascot from performance to performance and store it safely when not in use. Mascot costumes are quite bulky and difficult to carry. Our carrying bags are designed with comfort in mind: comfortable handles and a separate bag for dirty shoes.

Mascot stand

You can display your mascot in your lobby, shop or trade show booth. There is no need to store your mascot in the closet. You can make use of your costume in between performances by displaying it using a mascot stand. This is a great, worry-free way of making your mascot character well-known while conveniently storing your costume.

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