Established in 2006, at Promo Bears we bring mascots to life! We work worldwide and have satisfied clients in: USA, Canada, Australia, Europe & in the Middle East. We work for big brands and organizations as well as for small schools and sport teams. Satisfied clients include: NASA, Bridgestone, Harrods, Red Bull, Hitachi, VW, Amazon, Howard University, Northwest Navarene University, Bricks 4 Kidz, Loacker, NIVEA, Walmart and Nestle.

Our Products
We offer a full range of custom mascot products including mascot costumes, giant inflatables, merchandise and mascot design services.

Reference Projects
To give you more insight into our work and how your school, company, brand or organization can use a mascot please see the projects listed below. Are you interested in working with us? Please contact us, we would love to discuss your project and send you a free quote.

Custome Mascot Costume with Plush Merchandise for School

Elephas Education

Elephas Education reached out to us with an idea for a mascot – an Elephant of course!

Mascot Design

Elephas wanted an elephant with large friendly eyes and great personality, matching their branding colors. They already had a name in mind (“Ellie”). Our design team produced a cute and friendly elephant, with various clothing options. After a couple rounds of revision, their character was set to go.

Mascot Costume

Once the design was complete, the mascot costume came alive. We made sure to take good vision into account for the wearer, and created a plump and personable mascot which still had optimal mobility.

Mascot Coloring Sheets

Ellie got up to all sorts of adventures in six different custom coloring sheet designs. Themes included: at the park, at the beach, and first day at school. With a one-time investment in additional designs, Elephas has the full rights and high-quality files to print out as many coloring pages as they need.

Mascot Plush Toys and Merchandise

Thousands of little Ellie’s came to life as plush toys, stickers, car air-fresheners, luggage tags, and colored pencil boxes. These make for great personalized giveaways at the center.

Custome Mascot Costume with Plush Merchandise for School

Cayman Islands Airport

The Cayman Islands Airport Authority (CIAA) reached out to us to create a parrot mascot for their airport.

Mascot Design
CIAA wanted a friendly, colorful and appealing parrot mascot, which included their CIAA logo. Our design team got started on four custom mascot designs. We proceeded to make revisions on the designs until the client was fully satisfied.

Mascot Costume
Once the design was complete, we brought it to life through a custom mascot costume. Their mascot is used to welcome travelers and create smiles around the airport. Calypso is loved by staff, children and visitors from all over the world.

Mascot Poses
CIAA invested in mascot poses. The poses are used for internal communication and Facebook. We designed several unique poses which can be seen in the photo on the right.

Mascot merchandise: keychains
Calypso has his very own keychains. They are used as giveaways at special events. We offer a wide range of merchandise products including: key chains, smartphone cleaners, usb sticks and 3D coffee mugs.

Maskottchen Entwurf für Gundlach

Orange Glen High School

The Assistant Principal of Orange Glen High School contacted us to replace their current, worn out mascot with a new professional mascot costume.

Mascot Concept Artwork
As a first step we worked out 3 front view mascot design options for their school to review. Once they decided on their favorite, we created 360-degree mascot artwork, showing the front, side and back views of the new mascot costume. After a couple of rounds of revisions, the client was 100% satisfied and ready to move forward with production. We took wearer comfort, mobility and visibility into account during the design and production of their new Patriot mascot costume.

Mascot Costume
Grumpy the Patriot was very well received by the school and made his debut at their Winter Sports Rally. With their new professional mascot Orange Glen High School is ready to boost school spirit for years to come, Go Big Blue!


Bridgestone contacted us to create a mascot for a partnership with the German Traffic Authority. The mascot is the face of their campaign and is used to encourage learning about traffic rules and laws.

Client quote
“We would like to thank Promo Bears for the great cooperation. The design team of Promo Bears did a great job in creating our Lenny the Kangaroo. We also ordered a mascot costume, mascot illustrations, custom plush toys and merchandise. All products are of high quality and the process was very convenient. Our mascot made a huge contribution to the success of the campaign. We are very satisfied and would recommend Promo Bears as your mascot partner!

Products: mascot design, mascot costume, custom plush toys, mascot illustrations.

More information:

Custom Stuffed Animal Bridgestone

Deutsche Post DHL Group

With over 500.000 employees Deutsche Post is one of the biggest employers in Germany. The advertising agency Complan Medien, contacted us to create two friendly bear’s for FC Deutsche Post, the organization who arranges all sporting activities.

Mascot Design
Based on the wishes of the client our talented design team worked out 4 different ideas / sketches. Through various feedback rounds the characters Paul and Paula where created!

Mascot Costume
Once the client was fully satisfied we moved forward to production of both mascot costumes. Our experienced production team takes care of a professional mascot costume. Our mascots are comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and most importantly represents the approved mascot design the best way possible.

The mascot costumes are used at all sport and team building events for FC Deutsche Post.

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